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Normalize Sound Across Your Windows PC.

Are you always adjusting the sound on your PC? Here’s how to normalize the sound so that levels are maintained across media and playback devices/software. Please note, this technique may not be compatible with all sound drivers.


First, right click the speaker icon in your system tray and select playback devices.


Playback Devices




Choose the playback device you wish to normalize, which should also be the default playback device.

Select Playback Device



Click Properties and choose the enhancements tab. (If you can’t see the Enhancements tab, your sound hardware isn’t supported.)


Select the Enhancements tab


Find loudness equalization, tick the selection box and ’Ok’ your way out.

Choose Loudness Equalization


Your sound should now be equalized and volume levels consistent.

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Pin Folders to the Taskbar in Win 7

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

After reading

I realised there was another workaround for this problem.

Why you would want this function in Win 7 is debatable. You can pin the Windows Explorer ‘folder’ to the task bar and a list of recently used folders is displayed when you right click it. Presumably, the folders you use most are the ones you would pin to the taskbar, so there you are.

However, if there is some obscure folder, nested deep in the bowels of your folder architecture that you use often enough to want quick access, but not often enough for it to be in the list of recently used folders mentioned above, there is another workaround to have any folder (sort of) pinned to the taskbar. Open windows explorer (this special ‘folder’ can be pinned to the taskbar by right clicking it on the taskbar and choosing to do so) then you can drag and pin any folder to windows explorer on the taskbar (whether it is open or not) and when you right click windows explorer in the taskbar, atop the list of recent folders is a list of pinned folders that will always show.

No need to unlock the toolbar; no need to reactivate quick launch toolbar. Just another option; readers can try and choose their preference.

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